If I had more hours in the day, the top of my list would be to watch more women's college basketball. The main reason is because girls just execute better than the boys. Boys tend to freelance, deviate from the play, and do things their own way. Girls generally listen better and do what is asked of them.

This is a nice box inbounds play that Nebraska ran against Oklahoma St. in the second half of their game. One of the advantages of scouting is knowing how your opponent defends inbounds plays. If they use a 2-3 zone, you can get an easy score almost every time by sending 2 cutters into the lane going opposite ways. As someone on the X's and O's forum mentioned, it's a score every time. Here is what it looked live,

Box Inbounds vs 2-3 zone:

They start out in a box set. Your 2 forwards start out at the elbows, your guards are on the low blocks.

O1 and O3 split out wide to the corners. They are the safeties and should be open should none of the forwards cutting are open. O5 cuts first from the opposite elbow coming across the lane to the ball. This will draw X5 to that side.

O4 now cuts from the opposite elbow down across to the open side of the low block. Since X5 is covering O5, X3 is zoned in between O1 and the lane. O4 should be wide open on the basket cut for the layup.

I'm a big Bruce Pearl fan and he has a great DVD you'll probably want to check out, Bruce Pearl's DVD on OB nuggets. Though he talks more about executing BLOB, it's a good insight into the mind of a great X's and O's coach. Be sure to check out the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to discuss this and more of your favorite basketball topics.