Before practices begin, most of you varsity coaches out there have tryouts to organize. If you're a large school, that probably means a lot of kids to go through. There are a lot of tryout templates, samples, etc.. which you can download, but just for something interesting to look at, here is a sample NBA workout used by the Charlotte Bobcats a couple of years ago in a 4 guard format:

1:30-3:15 Testing Evaluation
STRESS POINTS: Finishing strong and not quitting.
1) Footwork (9 square grid) pattern middle first
2) Push-ups in a minute
3) Vertical - also with arms already up
4) Broad jump
5) Cone jumps - 10secs
6) Cone slides: sprint, back pedal, slides, karaoke, sprint-touch cones
7) Slide to sideline to layup = 1 minute (9 makes)
8) Baseline to baseline sprint, then with ball (L& R)
9) Ball handling (in-outs, cross overs) to ½ and back

3:15-3:20 Dribble Warm-Up

3:20-3:40 Spot Shooting
A) Wing-Base-Elbow Shooting (shoot 10)
B) "W" Shooting Drill
C) 3 pt Shooting Spots

3:40-3:50 Fast Break Scoring
A) Catch and shoot
B) Catch and go
C) Off the dribble

3:50-4:10 Screens
Finishing with:
A) Curl "j"
B) Fade "show and go"
C) Catch and go "step back"
D) Triple threat "spin"
E) 1 on 1 (3 dribbles) 4:10-4:30 2 on 2 - 3 on 3
A) Power
B) Zipper
C) "Down" (Flex)

4:30-4:35 2 on 2 Full Court Pressure "D"


I think that for tryouts, you really need to plan and prepare a lot in advance. You need to be as fair as possible allowing everybody the opportunity to show what they can do. I also think you should be as honest as possible with both players and parents, let them know what you're looking for and how they will be evaluated. In the end, some kids/parents will be happy, others not, but at least you need to prove that the evaluation was transparent and fair.

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