From last night's game between Duke and North Carolina. Another classic between the two bitter rivals that went wire to wire until the final minute. I thought once again, Ty Lawson was the difference in the game. At the end, when UNC needed the baskets, he came up with a couple of huge plays that Duke just couldn't stop.

I really like this play here though from Senior forward Bobby Frasor of UNC. Coach Roy Williams calls a timeout, UNC has a 7 point lead just over 1 minute to go, he needs one big stop to put an end to the game, he puts in Frasor off the bench. Frasor goes into the game, help side defense and gets the tie-up on the ball, possession arrow UNC, game-set-match. Take a look,

Basketball is one of those games where only 5 players get to play on the floor. Out of those 5 players, 3 probably take 80% of the shots, that's just life. It's tough for bench players and of course they're frustrated, they wanna play, they've practiced hard all week, all month, all season. But basketball is a lot more than just scoring, everyone knows that, it just needs more emphasis. Be the player that will go into the game to get a big defensive stop. Be the player that will rebound and set screens. It may not show up on the scoresheet, but the little things matter, and coaches do notice. Coach Williams could have kept his starters on for the last two minutes, but he purposely called the timeout to put Frasor in to get that stop. As a coach, there's nothing more satisfying than to have players step in off the bench and make those kinds of plays when the team needs it the most. And you have to love Frasor's attitude as well, he makes the big play and he's fired up right after, he knows his role and he takes it seriously.


Well, the end of the regular season is here. Some wild games over the weekend, especially that buzzer beater by Alabama over Tennessee. The ACC looks really strong again and looks like some good teams are on the outside looking in from the Big East. As for UNC and Duke, UNC will go as far as their defense can take them, Duke will go as far as their shooting will take them, which means with a little luck on their side, each can go all the way.

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