It's already September and I'm still wondering where summer went. It's always exciting at this time of year though with the beginning of the school season starting, the start of football games, and the beginning preparations for the upcoming basketball season. Anyways, I went through some older notes today, always looking for more great drill ideas. I found a bunch of great ones from Kevin Eastman speaking at a coaches clinic several years ago which I thought I would share. Coach Eastman keeps up a great website which is chalk full of great basketball info, definitely worth checking out, and signing up for.

Warmup Passing Drills:

Some of you do star passing, corner passing, etc... same idea here but it's always good to have more than 1 that you can use to change things up a little.

In this first one, the idea is that you throw the ball to the right and exchange spots with the player directly facing you. You can add a second ball or even a third ball to speed things up if you have a really large group,

Your basic pass and follow drill. Pass, sprint, replace, the third player drives for a layup. Emphasize a low sweep of the ball and a hard attack to the rim,

Chair Dribbling:

Can be done from left or right, but mostly from the left so that players get more practice on using their off-hand. At each of the chairs, players must perform a crossover, then 1 dribble, and finish with a left-handed layup. Back to the start and repeat at each chair,

Intensity Layups:

Set a time goal, like 15 seconds for 4 layups. Really emphasize turning the corner and exploding to the hoop. You can add jumpers afterwards, point the chairs so the seat is pointing toward the sidline,

The idea here is to add some pressure defense, preventing the dribbler from getting to the chair. The dribbler must try, by using dribble moves like a crossover or hesitation dribble, to shake the defender, get to the chair for a pull up jumper,

Now, the shooter goes past the chair and turns back for a shot over the top,

Post Drills:

Post players do a jump hook at each chair or a drop step and layup,

To practice posting up and catching the ball. Players pass into the post, post player must catch the ball with one hand and fire it back out with the same hand to the sideline. You can have 2 more players on the weak side and have the post player go block to block to practice catching with the opposite hand as well,

Post 1v1, each player must go around the chair to play 1v1 to replicate the game more accurately,

If you like any of Coach Eastman's stuff, or you just like the Celtics where he is an assistant coach, then check out Kevin Eastman's DVD on Multiple Player Chair Drills.