It's always great to watch these 2 hall-of-famers and great friends talkin' basketball, Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Coach Bob Knight. In case you didn't catch it on ESPN, here is the clip below. The best parts of the video are towards the end, after 10 minutes (its around 20 minutes long),

I love the part (around 11:40) when Coach K talks about the "value of the ball". I've always been more of an old school, so I also have the philosophy to cherish each possession, on offense, but also on defense, the ball is the most important to stop.

Second part I liked (around 14:00) was when Coach K was talking about the longevity of his tenure at Duke. It's all about the people. You can be at your dream school, but if there's tension between you and administration, it's not going to work. I think we've seen situations recently in college football, where obviously that was not the case.

Last great part was towards the end (17:30), when Coach Knight and Coach K talked about the missing ingredient in today's college game, team defense. Interesting thing to note is the fact that all the best teams recently have been able to win though with superior defense.