"We get to play for all the marbles..." as coach Doc Rivers said best in his game 6 post-game conference. There's nothing better than a winner take all game, and as a coach it doesn't get any better than that. It's been such a great series so far, and going back to last year when the Heat took out the Celtics, and then when the Heat were unable to close it out against the Mavs, no doubt that all eyes are on Lebron. He certainly played magnificently in Game 6, but it all comes down to tonight's Game 7.

In coach Erik Spoelstra's post-game conference, he talked about defining moments. Game 7 will be a defining moment in Lebron James' career, the question is will he define the moment? Or will the moment define him? We shall see. I'll leave you with coach Doc Rivers and his game 7 message, "I Know They'll be Ready..."