From earlier in the week between Kansas and Colorado, I caught the tail end of the game in the Overtime period where the Jayhawks were able to out-execute their way to the win over the Buffaloes. The beauty of their ball-screen continuity offense is that no matter how you choose to defend it, they just adjust their reads, execute, and still score on you. Check out these 2 sequences, where the Buffaloes try to hedge first, and then they try to switch second, both times the Jayhawks simply make the correct read,

In this first sequence, they try to hedge on Collins. Morris rolls to the basket and then because the Buffaloes can't drop enough players on help side, it's basically 2-on-1,

As the game winds down, the Buffaloes adjust by switching on all screens. They do so here and the Jayhawks re-adjust. Collins is now matched up against a slower bigger forward, so he takes him off the dribble and goes for the reverse layup,

From all the top 4 teams I've seen in action, I'd have to say that Kansas and Kentucky have been the most impressive so far. Kansas plays better half-court defense so I'd have to give them the edge but Kentucky looks like the Memphis team that went all the way to the Finals a couple of years ago, it will be very interesting if Coach Calipari and Coach Self meet again.

Anyways, there isn't a dedicated video to just the offense, at least not just yet. But if you like Coach Self and the way Kansas plays, then take a look at Bill Self's All Access Kansas Basketball Practice 4-pack DVD which includes 424 minutes of practice and Q&A with Coach Self.


  1. Unknown  

    February 14, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    It will be interesting to see Calipari vs. Self rematch this year. Calipari still jokes about not calling a timeout when the Jayhawks came back to defeat Calipari's Memphis squad. I call it the anti-Chris Weber moment. My Final Four/Five would be: Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia. And going out on a limb here, it will be a Big East team in the Championship game.