I think every basketball coach out there does a shell drill to work on M2M defensive concepts. If not, you really should. I went through some notes earlier today and found some nice pointers on what you should be working on with your kids while doing the shell drills.

Transition Defense:

Incorporate your full court transition defense back into a 4on4 or 5on5 shell. This way, you're not only working the basic defense, but transition at the same time.

Don Haskins always asked, "How many guys are you going to get back on defense??"

Shell Drill Pointers:

Now, you probably don't work on all of these all at the same time, but you want to make sure you work them all in at some point, then depending on teams you will be playing, you can emphasize downscreens for example against flex teams, or fade screens against good 3-point shooting teams,

1. Jump to the ball
2. Front the cutter
3. Help and recover
4. Downscreens
5. Backscreens
6. 2 on 1 situations
7. Zigzag, turn and run
8. Taking charges
9. Fade screen
10. Ball screen
11. Rebounding drills (3on3 w/guards, 2on2 w/posts)

For some more defensive drill information, check out Billy Gillispie's DVD on his In Your Face Defensive Drills. Coach Gillispie is the head coach at Kentucky. Don't forget to check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to talk hoops with other coaches.