I'm big on anything that will help players become better rebounders, especially drills. This is one that I found going through an old drill book.

2-on-1 Rebounding:

Setup: 3 players lined up facing the basket equally spaced in the lane.

You have a coach, or player, throw the ball towards the basket. The player who secures the rebound will attempt to go back up and score, without dribbling. The other 2 players play defense. No fouls called, the offensive player must play through contact.

If the shot is scored, the ball is returned back to the coach and you repeat. If the shot is missed, whomever secures the rebound attempts to score and you repeat until the ball is dead.

You can keep score among the trio, whomever scores most doesn't have to do lines, wall-taps, etc.. To keep it competitive.

For more great competitive rebounding drills, check out Skip Prosser's DVD on Rebounding Drills. As always, please check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to talk hoops and exchange notes and ideas.