From a newsletter I received a few weeks ago, here are some rebounding drills taken from a Rick Majerus Camp. Not to enthralling, but then again, it's hard to get too exotic when repping on the fundamentals of rebounding. Still, rebounding is such an important part of the game, you will win games simply by winning the battle of the boards,

Rebounding/Off the Backboard

a) 2 Hand Rebound

Pass the ball off the board, jump and extend - catching ball above head. Chin it & repeat.

10 reps.

b) 1 Hand Rebound

Pass the ball off the board, jump & extend. Grab ball with 1 hand, pull ball into other hand.

Chin it, rotate hand you're catching with. 10 reps.

c) Dantley Drill

Tap the ball against the backboard, land and repeat. 10 taps as fast as you can while

keeping the ball above your head. Ball never leaves your hand. Rest & repeat.

d) Rebound Put Ins

Toss ball off the board, rebound keeping ball above head. Land and rejump for shot. (Dunk

or lay-in) Do not let the ball down at any point. 10 reps - rest & repeat.

e) In Air 2 Handed Taps

Trying to get 10 in a row, tap the ball with 2 hands while in the air - tap off the board.

Rejump as quickly as possible to keep momentum -- being in the air for all 10 taps. Rest

& repeat.

f) 1 Handed In Air Taps

Same drill as e) but only tap ball with 1 hand. Alternate hand on every jump. Rest &

repeat. 10 reps.

g) Mikan Drills

10 in 10 seconds is your goal. Focus is ball staying as high as possible at all times. Left leg

jump - right hand shot. Rebound grab - 1 step across with right leg for right leg jump - left

handed shot. Focus on balance & speed.

Rick Majerus doesn't have a video on rebounding but for more great rebounding drill ideas, take a look at the late Skip Prosser's DVD on competitive rebounding drills. Coach Prosser was the head coach for Wake Forest before he passed away last year. Head over the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk about your favorite rebounding drills.