Everyone will tell you that its crucial that your big men develop a well-rounded post-up game. In the half-court set, the most efficient way to score is when you're closest to the hoop. I was a guard when I played high school ball so it's taken some time to be able to learn the post-up concepts myself.

The clip that is shown below is from TNT's fundamentals segments featuring Utah Jazz's Carlos Boozer. Here, Boozer shows you how to get open for the post-entry. A lot of times, I see kids arm wrestling their defender trying to get position. I try to teach them to detach, v-cut, then swim. You'll be open for a short 1-2 secs so it's important to call for the ball and give your teammate a target to throw to (your outstretched arm-hand).

I also like the fake screen and spin back to the ball. That is a great move. Other great info in this clip include reading which arm and leg your defender is using to guard you and roll the opposite way.

Post-play is all about the details, it's the little things that make a big difference. Watch and learn...

A great video that acts like a complete guide to developing post-skills is Steve Alford's DVD. Coach Alford was previously the coach at Iowa and just made the move to New Mexico. He is most famous for quarterbacking Bobby Knight's 1987 NCAA championship team.

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