My Very First Post

Thanks for dropping by to find me here at The X's & O's of Basketball blog. I created this blog as a companion to the forum that I created by the same name The X's & O's of Basketball forum. '

I'm also a football coach and I was inspired by Coach Huey's great board which is a fantastic resource for football coaches. I feel that as basketball coaches, we are lacking from a central place to share information. We all have the knowledge, it's just fragmented among all of us. Imagine if we all collaborated and discussed this wonderful game and allowed the knowledge to spread. That is what the Internet is for after all.

I will begin by mostly posting my own thoughts on basketball X's and O's, but I hope to eventually interview and feature high school, college and even pro coaches talking about their systems. I currently do that as part of my job for USA Football which also inspired me to create this blog.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy what I write. And feel free to comment on my posts.