One of the things I'd like to see young players work on more in their fundamentals is the jump stop. The jump stop is so fundamental. I would teach players to jump stop in everything they do, pass in the air, feet in the air, jump stop layups, jump stop to set the pick. Here are just a few important reasons to teach the jump stop off the top of my head in particular order,

1. Allows you to choose your pivot foot. When you jump stop to receive a pass. You can choose which foot to then use as your pivot.
2. I love the power jump stop layup. It freezes your defender and allows you to do the up and under move.
3. Prevent moving screens. Especially for young players who tend to shuffle their feet, teaching them to jump stop to set the screen is fundamental.

Like I said, you can incorporate the jump stop in every drill that you do. As you move up in age group, you will probably emphasize this less, but it's still a great fundamental to stress. I can't think of any downside of the jump stop, it's just a great basketball move.

For youth skill development, I like Ganon Baker's Grassroots DVD, this one is a good one on how to finish.

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