If I were to say one thing that young players need to work on the most, it would be shooting. And specifically, shooting technique. Too many times, I've seen players at the freshman and beyond level with poor shooting technique and it's extremely difficult to fix. I've coached 5th graders before, and if I were to go back to coaching 5th graders, I would spend at least 50% of the time teaching proper shooting technique.

This video does a good job of introducing the basic setup motion of the shot. The rocking of the shooting arm from the hip and up. Focusing on keeping the elbow parallel with the body all the way through the motion. The setup at the end is also very important. Make sure the wrist is cocked back properly, fingers out, and palm facing upwards.

The best part of this "drill" is that it can be done without a ball. Kids can practice anywhere and you can add a ball later.

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