Over the past couple of weeks I've been in charge of running an after school lifting program for football players and I've really gotten into a lot of the strength and conditioning stuff as a result. It got me thinking more about basketball and when players can do in the off-season (if you can call it that anymore) to prepare for in-season. A lot of teams that I see kind of drop off dramatically after the season ends but I think that putting yourself on a program can really help prepare you for the season, and also as a proactive measure to prevent injuries.

If you know me, I'm a big fan of Alan Stein when it comes to S+C. Here is a sample of what they've been doing for their first off-season workouts at DeMatha. I really like the balance stuff, and the heavy ball workouts, very basketball specific:

For the latest at what he's been doing with DeMatha, check out Alan Stein's new 3-DVD set which includes:

* Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Warm-Up & Flexibility
* Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Agility & Conditioning
* Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Strength & Power

I read about DivIII La Roche College head coach Coach Scott Lang and the tragic story of his passing late last year and it nearly broke my heart to read about how he had suffered a heart attack during practice one day and passed away right there in the middle of their court. Here is an update on the story from ESPN showing how the team played out their year and ended up winning their conference title for the first time ever, and honoring their coach along the way. Heartbreaking, but touching at the same time,

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