I was watching parts of John Calipari's All-Access DVD with his 2011-12 Kentucky team and one of the coaching points that Calipari talks about and is often overlooked but is probably the most important regarding BLOB and SLOB plays is choosing who will be your inbounder. Here is a short clip from the video where Calipari talks about it (about 4min in),

A lot of times, we get lost in the scheme of OB plays, but I don't know how many times I've watched games where the wrong person was inbounding the ball on an OB play, and it ended up in a turnover going the other way for a basket (my own teams included). I think as a coach, you need to find out which specific players can inbound the ball reliably under pressure. I used to change the inbounder depending on what kind of play we ran, but now, I decide in advance the 2 or 3 players who are allowed to inbound the ball based on how reliable they are.