What an incredible game between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Purdue Boilermakers. From the incredible first half by Robbie Hummel (when ended up being his last college game), to the switching defenses of the Jayhawks which allowed them to come from behind for the win. One thing is for sure, Bill Self knows how to coach.

Elijah Johnson came up with perhaps the biggest play of the game, getting the steal and going the length of the floor for the layup with under 30secs left. Afterwards, he was asked why he and the Jayhawks were so inconsistent throughout the year and appear to be peaking at the right moment, his response was "I was learning, I was learning". Right there, that statement tells me that this player has the right attitude. He can see his mistakes as opportunities to learn, and then applies what he has learned to the present.

As a coach, being able "to learn" is an important part of the process (for both coaches and players). Having a bad half, and learning, making adjustments, and being better in the second half is important. Having struggles early in the season, learning from your mistakes and becoming better is important. I really believe that as a team, you have to know how to lose before you ultimately how to win.

Anyways, as a big Bill Self fan, I'm hoping that they go far this year. I have a little more time with Spring Break upon us, so hopefully I can blog a little more with the tournament going on...