A great behind the scenes look with Head Athletic Trainer Chris Simmons from the NCAA champion Kentucky Wildcats putting the players to work in the weight room. The question you need to ask yourself is, what are your players doing to be better than your opponents this offseason? Enjoy...

Looking forward to watching Game 3 tomorrow night between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat. The combined experience of the Heat gives them the big advantage in my opinion, but my goodness, the Thunder are so tenacious, and they simply never give up. It is going to be a fantastic finish if the first 2 games are any indication.

In my opinion, one of the most important decisions in the game came when Coach Scott Brooks left Kevin Durant in the game despite picking up his 5th foul early in the fourth quarter. A lot of people say it was a big gamble, but I think more importantly than just trying to comeback in the 4th quarter, it shows trust.

Sure, Durant could have easily picked up another cheap foul and ended up on the bench, and the near comeback probably would not have happened. But again, there is more at stake here then just the 4th quarter. There will be more important moments in this series, and in their career together, where that trust will become even more important, a last second play to win the game, a critical defensive stand.  It's hard to trust your players when they make stupid mistakes, but once a player knows how much you believe in them, they will respond when it counts the most.

"We get to play for all the marbles..." as coach Doc Rivers said best in his game 6 post-game conference. There's nothing better than a winner take all game, and as a coach it doesn't get any better than that. It's been such a great series so far, and going back to last year when the Heat took out the Celtics, and then when the Heat were unable to close it out against the Mavs, no doubt that all eyes are on Lebron. He certainly played magnificently in Game 6, but it all comes down to tonight's Game 7.

In coach Erik Spoelstra's post-game conference, he talked about defining moments. Game 7 will be a defining moment in Lebron James' career, the question is will he define the moment? Or will the moment define him? We shall see. I'll leave you with coach Doc Rivers and his game 7 message, "I Know They'll be Ready..."