One of the fundamental parts of being a center or forward is following your shot until you make it. Sometimes, I watch players and when they miss a shot, instead of going after the ball, they'll be standing there maybe cursing or whatever. This clip is a highlight clip of one of the great centers of all-time, Moses Malone. What you'll notice in the clip is Moses Malone is constantly attacking the rim following up his misses until he scores.

This is really more about attitude than anything else. You must have that never quit, want the ball more than the other person, kind of attitude to play this way. What's even better is that if you're not having the best day in terms of your shot, you can at least rely on your ability to attack the glass and follow your shot. Force the defender to work to box you out.

The 5Star Basketball Series has a great DVD focusing entirely on the skill of rebounding. The DVD features Miami Heat Forward Udonis Haslem showing you the art of tipping the ball and various moves to attack the glass.

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