This I found from highlights on Sportscenter again the other night. This clip emphasizes the importance of your forwards running key to key in transition. When they do that, you get easy baskets. Usually you have guards getting out in the fast break, but when your forwards are running, it truly is unstoppable. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

The first thing you'll notice is that there are 5 Maverick players and only 3 Bulls players, you must create the numbers advantage, 5-on-3 in this case. The forwards are the trailers but they are running almost stride-to-stride with the guards.

Another key to this early offense is that the 2 guard is the one bringing up the ball. Again, I think it's important that both your guards have the capability to push the ball, if you have to always pass it to the 1 guard, I think that wastes some time that is always crucial in a fast break situation. The 2 pushes the ball and finds the 3 on the cross-court pass.

Once that pass happens, notice again the numbers advantage, we have 1 defender covering 3 players, 2 are forwards. It's an easy pass to the 5 which puts it away easily.

Again, I think it's critical that your forwards can get out and run on the break. In this case, it created a 5-on-3 for the easy finish. Now, I don't know the defensive circumstances that led to this break, but it very well might have been off a rebound or whatever.

If you want to be a good fast break team, make sure your forwards are running stride-to-stride with your guards. This will get your team a ton of easy baskets.

For a couple of great videos on fast breaking and early offense, check out Roy Williams DVD on the UNC Offensive Philosophy and also Lawrence Frank's DVD on the Early Offense. Personally, I like Roy Williams better, mostly because I'm a big fan of his, but Lawrence Frank is a really smart coach and his New Jersey Nets are a model when it comes to watching good fast break teams.

I have notes on both coach Williams and Frank so be check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum.