I was reading some notes and came across this play. It's from Gregg Popovich in what they call 15 Rub Top Head. How many times have we seen Big Shot Bob hit that clutch 3-pointer to win the game? This is a play for that kind of situation. If you're looking for a transition 3-pointer, click here.

15 Rub Top Head:

This is very simple play, there isn't much going on here. It's basically a pick n roll at the top with 3 spot up 3-point shooters. P1 here is Tony Parker, P5 is Tim Duncan, P2 is Bruce Bowen and P3 is Manu Ginobili and P4 is Robert Horry.

Now, coach Popovich draws it up simply as the pick and roll with Parker finding Horry who rotates to the top of the key and shoots the 3-pointer.

Secondary Option:

But the way I've seen it run by the Spurs is Parker comes off the pick and actually penetrates into the lane and kicks it out to Bowen in the corner. Bowen fakes the 3-pointer to get the defender who is closing out on him to jump and try to block. Bowen takes a couple of dribbles to show penetration which causes a defensive rotation as Horry's defender comes down to help. Bowen kicks it out to Horry who is wide open at the top of the key for the 3-pointer. That is the killer play.

Horry can fake the 3 is he isn't open then penetrate and kick to Ginobili to his left who can shoot the 3 and so on and so on.

The Spurs are able to use Parker's quickness to break teams down. With Duncan on the pick and roll, they are very efficient and difficult to defend. The whole Spurs team philosophy is to value each possession and use the 3-pointer to their advantage.

I've never watched Coach Popovich's DVD on his favorite plays and drills, but I'm sure it's very good. Again, the Spurs philosophy on valuing each possession is one that is sometimes lost in the ever-popular transition game, but when you talk about big games, playoff games, championship games, you must have an efficient half-court offense that maximizes shot opportunities. Check out the X's and O's of Basketball Forum for notes including Spurs stuff.