Looking through my inbounds play stuff, I came across this play that Gonzaga runs on occasion underneath the offensive basket. I like it because it spreads the defense out and what I really like about it is that it's a safe one to use. Sometimes, in finding the perfect scoring inbounds play, you can get too cute that actually result in turnovers. I would much rather a safe inbounds play that scores less than an inbounds play that scores slightly more but is prone to the turnover.


My personal belief is that the majority of the time you should have a guard inbounds, in this case it is the point guard. The other players are spread in a 4-high set. It's important that both forwards or posts play the side of the ball.

O2 will do a v-cut to the basket looking for the quick hitter from O1. If you want you can substitute v-cut for L-cut or whatever you think will get O2 open. O5 and O4 will set a stagger screen for O3 coming over the top. O1 will hit O3 as the second option.

After inbounds:

After the inbounds, you want another quick hitter opportunity before setting up your offense.

After O1 inbounds, O4 and O5 will set a double screen and O1 will maneuver in between O4 and O5 to the top of the key. O4 will quickly seal his man and look for the post entry from O1 as option 1. If not there, O3 will simply pass to O1 and in this case Gonzaga will setup their flex offense.

For more information, there is a Winning Hoops DVD with over 70 baseline inbounds plays. I also have lots of inbounds stuff so head over to the X's and O's Basketball Forum to take a look and see what I have.