If you have a dominant low post player, one of the great ways to change the flow of the game is feed the penetration to the baseline and have your dominant shot blocker come from the weak side and deliver a powerful shot block. I picked a couple of clips to show how a couple of teams have done this.

This first clip is Greg Oden while at Ohio State coming from the weakside to block a last minute game tying shot by Tennessee:

This second clip is Rasheed Wallace coming over on help from the weakside again to block LeBron James:

Our Varsity team had a dominant shot blocker last season and in one of the games in the State Tournament, he was able to get some big blocks and altered some shots early. The opposing teams never recovered as they couldn't establish an inside game.

The weakside shot block is a great way to dominate the paint area and force your opponent to play timid and settle for outside shots.

If you're looking for a video to help in developing your big men, check out Steve Alford's DVD on Post Development. I have plenty of notes on post development, so be sure to check out the X's and O's Basketball forum.