I posted earlier in the month about monstering the post. I made this clip of a recent preseason game where the Lakers Kobe Bryant demonstrates beautifully how you can double the post from the weakside triple 'I'. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

Notice how all 3 players form the triple I, #4 Luke Walton from the Lakers comes up to cut off a pass to either his man or Kobe's man when Kobe goes to double. Much like this diagram here,

I also like how Kobe waits for the post defender to put the ball down first. I bet if he left before the post defender dribbled, the ball probably gets passed to Kobe's man on the weakside for the 3-pointer. Also, #21 Ronny Turiaf knows Kobe is coming from the middle so he just stands his ground, keeps his arms up straight and waits for the help to come.

For more great ideas on the post-defense amongst other defensive topics, check out Jeff Lebo's DVD. Coach Lebo is the head coach of Auburn University of the SEC. I have plenty of notes on low post defense so check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum and request them.