Bulls 1-4 high SLOB Inbounds

I got an email from I suppose is a reader of this blog saying that they wanted to see more inbounds plays so I went on a mission to find some tonight. Another coach once told me that the sign of a well-coached team was whether or not they scored out of BLOB and SLOB plays. I wholeheartedly agree. Though my approach is a little more conservative, I would also add that the team that turns it over the most on the BLOB and SLOB is a sign of unpreparedness. Anyways, I caught a clip of this inbounds play by the Bulls which looked pretty neat. Watch the video and read my thoughts below,

1-4 High SLOB:

Quite a simple play but looks very effective. The setup is a 1-4 high set, the point guard is closest to the inbounder who should be your next best passer. I believe in this case, O2 the inbounder is the Bulls shooting guard Chris Duhan.

The ball is inbounded to Kirk Heinrich who pivots and immediately attacks baseline. He beats his defender which causes both X3 and X4 to shift down and help. At that moment, O3 or Andreas Nocioni, cuts hard to the net and receives a perfect pass from Kirk for the easy layup.

I think option one on this inbound was for Heinrich to simply go all the way up with it, but since the defense collapsed, he dished it out.

For great info on SLOB plays, check out Kelvin Sampson's DVD on SLOB and Special Late Clock Plays. Coach Sampson is currently the head coach at Indiana University. If you want to request a play or ask a question, be sure to check out the X's and O's Basketball forum where you can talk to a whole community of coaches.