I usually don't mind, in fact, encourage players to develop good 1-on-1 perimeter moves. Between the legs crossover, behind the back dribble. One move I don't like, however, is the spin move on a drive to the basket. I've seen way too many turnovers result from it. Turnovers happen because once you spin then dribble, you turn your back to the defense, and the defender comes from your blind side to pick off the ball which is at waist level because you are trying to keep the dribble alive.

I don't have a problem with the spin move by a post because that spin move is usually right into a baby hook. But the spin move by a guard to drive into the lane is an invitation to get your pocket picked in my opinion. The worst I've seen is where guards will try to do a spin move in the middle of the floor to beat a full-court press, I always cringe when I see my player do that. In this Euroleague game, the guard gets a ball-screen at the top of the key and attempts to do a spin move into the lane and loses the ball. Watch the video and read my thoughts below,

The dribbler needs to know where the defense is. In this case, because he's come off of a ball-screen, his defender is trailing the play. Now, by attempting to spin back towards the right side with the ball in his left hand is to go right into his defender leading with the ball without seeing the defender, almost a sure turnover anyway you look at it.

I would've preferred to see a hard two-foot jump stop at the free-throw line. Then the player can pivot and do an up and under shot or kick it back out.

Again, most people will probably think this is just nit-picking, but I think video is where you can really point out the little things to your players so they know why certain things work and others don't. That way they can learn from their mistakes and get better. Everyone has improvement to make in their game.

For more individual skill development, check out Phil Martelli's DVD on becoming a better 1-on-1 player. There, you should find plenty of moves to inspire your players with. Head over to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk with other coaches and share your ideas with the community.