Scott Skiles Firing

It's been a couple of days now and I've had a chance to absorb the news and read various reactions to the news. As a coach, obviously you have to feel for someone that has to go through a situation as abrupt as being fired. And while some point to the fact that Skiles will be given a big payout which will soften the blow, money doesn't buy your pride and dignity, money can't fix a broken soul. Lets face it, you always feel awful when you alone are being singled out to take the blame for a collective effort. It isn't always fair, but life isn't fair, especially in the world we live in these days. Someone has to take the blame, Skiles was the first to go, but may not be the last.

There is a coach locally that was let go mid-season as well. He was the head coach at a local JUCO, Trinity Western, near Vancouver. The official reason released by the administration was "We are moving in a new direction with a change of leadership and are committed to bringing the men's basketball program into the realm of being a perennial contender. Today's announcement signals that intent." The team was 4-8 at the time and was without several key players due to injury. The move happened a couple of weeks ago. Again, a difficult scenario especially coming just before the holidays but one that coaches invariably have to be accustomed to. Coaching isn't for the faint of heart, you have to be tough enough to withstand the highs and the many lows.

There is no doubt that Scott Skiles will end up coaching somewhere, he's too young and too smart not to end up somewhere. Coaches get hired, then fired, then hired again, life will go on.