I watched Charlie Rose tonight and Jim Calhoun was on and Coach and Charlie were talking hoops. I think I could've watched 24 hours of it straight, the only bad part was when Charlie had to end the show :(

I have a tremendous amount of admiration for Coach Calhoun both as a coach and a man of great wisdom. Every time I watch another interview or DVD or read his books, my respect grows. I was so happy to see that the Charlie Rose has uploaded the clip of his remarkable interview so I can share it with you all. It's about 20 minutes, enjoy every second of it...

Some random thoughts about the interview,

- I like how he talked about his relationship with fellow coaches, Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski and others.
- Success is a process, it isn't instant. It took him 13 years to win the National Championship with UConn.
- Leadership takes passion. Be invested.
- Admit and learn from your mistakes. He admitted that he should've used the athleticism more last year. And said they've made adjustments this year to press and run more.
- We lost to Syracuse Mar. 7, Mar. 8 we started the next season.
- If you didn't know already, recruiting makes or breaks a college program.