This was taken on Saturday during the busy weekend back from exam week in college basketball. Loyola Chicago was playing hard M2M defense against Dayton and Dayton had this really neat 4 stagger stack SLOB play. There is plenty of motion and mis-direction that it should throw off a lot of your opponents that haven't scouted the play before. Watch the video and read my thoughts below,

Curl and Backdoor:

Against teams that are really pressuring you M2M, denying everything and stepping in front of passes, you have to have the threat of the backdoor play. You will either score, or relieve the pressure by forcing the defense to fall back towards the basket and defend the paint.

This play is great in that it accomplishes those 2 things against aggressive pressure M2M. To go through it, O3 is the first to break from the stagger going wide side all the way around O5 then cutting towards the basket. O1 breaks next and will look for the pass from O2 at the same time as O5 is curling around. O4 will break to the wide side after O3 passes him. O5 is the final safety and will cut towards the inbounder. O5 should be your tallest player in the case where the defense has taken everything away, O2 should be able to lob it to O5 to at least get the ball inbounded.

The only thing you have to watch out for on this SLOB play is that it is a little slow developing. So you need to make sure that O3 hustles to get out quickly or you could get called on the 5-second violation.

For more information, there is a Winning Hoops DVD with over 70 baseline inbounds plays. It has a lot of great drills you can use to help develop those slashing skills that these offenses require. To discuss this and other basketball coaching topics, head over to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum.