With all the talk about the Celtics and Pistons in the East, I wanted to get a glimpse of the Cavs as the playoffs draw near. I think they are flying a little under the radar despite being the defending Eastern Conference Champions. I think the changes they made before the trade deadline were decent, but not a major upgrade like the Lakers.

The game tonight was a big one for both the Cavs and the 76ers. It ended up being quite the controversial finish after officials gave the Cavs 2 free-throws after the end of the game by reviewing the tape. For the record, I'm against video review on foul calls, review the clock, review foot on the line. The reason being that where do you draw the line, if we start reviewing end of game fouls, what's to say we don't review end of quarter/half, shot clock, where does it end?

Anyways, back to the game. I think that NBA fans should watch Cavs games just to be reminded of how great Lebron James really is. The Cavs absolutely have a chance to go back to the NBA finals because of Lebron. His ability to make basketball plays (pass, rebound, shoot, drive, defend) is uncanny, not to mention his linebacker physique. Here are a couple of plays from the game (clips were taken by separate feeds so I apologize in advance for the fuziness) with LBJ showing his awesome passing ability,

After watching the game and specifically that second clip from the end of the game, what is the best way to defend against a player like LBJ who can score so effectively 1v1. The 76ers chose to double with defender from the baseline. The problem is that the double-team takes so long to develop having to cover so much distance and LBJ easily sees where it's coming from,

I like what the Cavs do, Devon Brown cuts to the paint after his man goes to double. This forces Samuel Dalembert to cover 2 players in the paint allowing LBJ to find Ilgauskas.

Is it imperative to double Lebron or can you defend him 1v1 and rely on help if he penetrates?? I don't like the double-team so far away from the basket because I think it leaves you so vulnerable with only 3 defenders, and 1 in the paint, so I'd prefer to stay with a 1v1 and live with the whatever weaknesses of my best defender on LBJ. I don't like the box and 1 or triangle and 2 because Gibson can hit the 3-pointer. I think that playing a packline but ensuring that your defenders closeout properly is the best method. It's not perfect, but I think it can help prevent LBJ from getting to the rim, while still allowing a chance at getting a hand up on open shooters,

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