It's one of the more controversial things that David Stern has done in reference to mic'ing up the coaches and players. After all, would you agree to wear a mic to your work where every word you said was available to be used on a National TV broadcast?? Isn't that what press conferences are for?

But as a fan and writer of the NBA, it's been a godsend. It's like watching reality TV. The NFL and MLB have been doing it for years. On tonight's TNT broadcast between the Magic and Pistons, a few soundbites were captured of Magic coach Stan Van Gundy making comments and talking to his players (and a little bit of Pistons coach Flip Saunders at the end). Here it is,

The best part I like is just how SVG talks to Jameer Nelson about not picking up his dribble. Imagine, an NBA coach and an NBA player, basketball at the highest professional level in the world, talking about something so basic and fundamental as keeping your dribble alive. I mean, when I'm talking with my players, 14 and 15 year olds, I sometimes think, "Man, this is such a simple concept. How is this kid gonna be able to play Varsity if he doesn't understand XYZ. I mean, come on... how basic does it get?"

But to hear that exchange between SVG and Nelson just put things into perspective for me. As coaches, we're teachers. And the teaching never ends, not for 14 year olds, Varsity, College, or even the NBA. It just keeps going. I mean, Jameer Nelson won a couple of state championships in HS and was a star-studded 4-year player at St. Joes under acclaimed coach Phil Martelli before entering the NBA. You think a guy like that doesn't need to be reminded to keep his dribble alive. I guess not. I guess we all need to be humbled a bit and be willing to teach and be taught.