Another early season skill to think about before games start is teaching the art of getting open. There are your basic v-cuts, l-cuts, curl cuts, backdoor, bump, etc... It's the teaching points that are most important. Change of speed and direction, these are all things that take patience and repetition. Here are some teaching points I gleaned from a set of notes on a Baylor coaching clinic,

Top Leg Explosion:

Use your top leg and walk into your opponent... go from slow to fast by stepping, gaining the advantage by putting your inside leg on top - use you butt to create space - use a slight forearm push-off then explode quickly to the area of choice,

You can work the wing, top of the key, and baseline to corner... once you hit the player you can work on several of your individual moves including rips, step-backs, finishes at the rim, etc.

If you want to watch some video info, Rip Hamilton did a good segment on the TNT fundamentals series last year on getting open, you can check it out and my notes on it by clicking here.

For more great info on offensive fundamentals, check out Don Meyer's new DVD on Drills for Individual Offensive Development. Coach Meyer is still recovering from his car accident and cancer, our thoughts remain with him during this difficult time. To discuss this and many more of your favorite basketball topics, head over to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk with other coaches from around the world.