I caught a little of the western conference but today was the first WNBA Finals game I was able to catch and lucky for me, it was the last game of the season as the Detroit Shock beat the San Antonio Silver Stars to sweep the series in 3 games. The Shock had to come from behind but they just toughed it out and the more aggressive, physical team won.

Here was the end of the half play for the Shock that helped them get back into the game. It's just a simple 1-4 low 1v1 isolation but it just showed great execution and fundamentals. In the end, the dribble drive missed, but a great offensive rebound by the Shock was able to put it back for the 2 points and cut the Silver Stars lead to 4 heading into the half, take a look (I apologize for the grainy video feed),


Nothing crazy here, a 1-4 low iso setup. The Shock have the quickness advantage with a little on big. I think on these isos, you definitely want your most versatile 1v1 player on offense, someone who can create their own shot opportunity no matter what the situation,

Crossover Move:

Great fundamentals here. First, watch the clock, it's at 4 seconds but for high school, I'd even start later, like 6 seconds. You never want to start too late, because you want to give yourself a chance at the offensive rebound if you miss.

Next great fundamental, watch how the offensive player attacks the front foot of the defender. Great 1v1 move with the crossover attacking that front foot and getting by the defender and going straight for the rim,

Offensive Rebound:

This is where that clock comes in, if the dribbler had started any later than 4 seconds, the Shock wouldn't have had any chance at the offensive putback. And at 4 seconds, they just barely got it off.

Now, because the defense has to help on the dribble penetration because the initial defender got beat, it leaves all kinds of room for an offensive forward to sneak in there and get the offensive putback,


Having watched several Detroit Shock games earlier in the summer, they just seemed to be the most playoff ready, battle tested team out there. They play tough, much like their coach Bill Lambier. When you are the aggressor, you will win more games than you lose, and I believe it to be especially the case in girls basketball. Anyways, congrats to the Shock for a great overall season and a well deserved WNBA Championship.

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