Just Say No to PE Cuts

I don't mean to get all political on y'all, but I thought some of y'all would find this interesting -- an ESPN Outside the Lines feature on how Phys. Ed in schools is getting "left behind" (in reference to No Child Left Behind). Since I'm in education and hoping to get a job in the field soon, I feel passionate about this issue, to me its just pure ignorance to not see the correlation between less PE and higher childhood obesity. When I grew up, we had mandatory PE until Grade 12. We had PE every day. Nowadays, I've heard of schools that don't even have mandatory PE at all.

I understand that school budgets are shrinking, running heavy deficits, etc... but I think PE is just too important to be left out, this is something that will have drastic consequences for all of us as a society. I agree that the academic core subjects are vital, but how can teaching kids how to lead active healthy lifestyles not be considered a core subject?? That just blows my mind. Hopefully the bill to amend No Child Left Behind with PE standards will get passed. Write your mayor, governor, senator, or congressman, lets get this done right or suffer the consequences...