For you basketball only players and coaches, some motivation to get you through to the start of the season in November. Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets and Brandon Roy of the Portland Trailblazers putting in the time to get better:

Brandon Roy

"The best players in the league work the hardest. That's in any sport, anything where you compete."

"I know Kobe's workin', I know Lebron's workin'... I got something to shoot for."

Chris Paul

The clock on the wall reads 6:50 AM.

"Everytime we do these workouts, I always know its gonna hurt, it's gonna kill me. You earn it. This is for June. Everything I'm doing right now is for June... It's what everyone plays to."

"I've had four pretty good years since I've been in the NBA but obviously it hasn't been good enough so I've gotta work harder."

For more info on improving your speed and conditioning, check out Alan Stein's DVD on Off-Season Workouts. Coach Stein is the conditioning coach for Montrose Christian, famously for having worked with Kevin Durant.


  1. beantownhoops  

    October 4, 2009 at 6:33 AM

    That's why their good. Talent plus work ethic goes a long way.