From NBA TV, this is a segment from "The Czar" Mike Fratello breaking down one of the last plays between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers last week. In it, it shows Dwayne Wade attempting a behind the back pass which gets picked off by none other than Lebron James, who takes it all the way, is fouled, and makes what ends up being the game-winning free throws. Take a look:

Just like my post below, its a lesson in why you make the simple, yet effective and efficient overhead pass instead. The behind the back stuff may make Sportscenter, but it's just a great pass because:

1. Its hard for your teammates to know when exactly they will be getting the ball.
2. Its slower to develop, as almost everyone can throw the ball faster and more accurately forward than behind their back.

Anyways, for more info on passing and guard fundamentals, check out Oliver Purnell's DVD on Fundamental Team Drills for Practice. Coach Purnell is the head coach of the University of Clemson.