Happy Thanksgiving to All

I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers and contributors out there. It's easy to think about all the "things" that you don't have, the "things" that you want, and the "things" that you wish you had. Like all of people out there, I also fret a lot about "things", but all I know is that when I get out there in practice on the football field, or the basketball court, with our team, I'm at a place where I never want to leave. For me as a coach, its easy, I love doing what I do and as I long as I am able to keep doing it, I'll be happy.

Remember to cherish what you have, and to be thankful that we as coaches have the opportunity to coach the sport that we love, and to have a positive impact in the lives of others.

I leave you with a short video montage from CBS Sports and all the college football coaches giving thanks...