Beware of The Long Rebound

If you are a perimeter team, the long rebound can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it's quite possible your team could average more offensive rebounds than usual. Bad because if the defense gets the rebound, it's likely going the other way for a fast break layup. In this sequence, Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers makes a key play late in the game to help the Cavs beat the Sacramento Kings on the road. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

Some quick thoughts from watching the video,

- late in the game with the score tied, I think it's a very risky play to take that long a perimeter shot. Especially when it is your center, Brad Miller taking that shot. I would much rather him down low with that shot.

- the shot clock read 13, which means Miller took that shot likely after the first pass of the possession. I doubt that was the way coach Reggie Theus had drawn up the play.

- I realize this is Lebron James and that he's basically superhuman, but I think someone should've gotten back in time to make Lebron pull back or even take a charge in that situation, you can just let him go coast-to-coast and beat 2 players for the dunk, that is unacceptable if you are the Kings.

If you're looking for ideas to get your players to be better rebounders, I recommend taking a look at Tom Izzo's DVD on Rebounding and Man Defense. Coach Izzo is the long-time head coach of Michigan State. I also have plenty of rebounding notes so head over the X's and O's Basketball Forum to take a look and see what I have.