To all the coaches, players, ballers, it is vital to learn to use the pass fake. Against zone teams, double-team rotations (in this case), SWARM, etc, the pass fake is essential in creating space and exploiting defenses that jump to the ball while the pass is in the air. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

I won't scheme this one up because it's pretty easy to see how this play develops just from the video. Vince Carter is doubled on the low block. The pass back up to Jason Kidd at the top creates the first rotation. Kidd passes to Antoine Wright causing the defense to rotate again, notice they rotate while the pass is in the air. Wright does a great pass fake to the corner causing his man to jump to the ball fake and the other rotating man to freeze which gives him a wide open lane to the basket.

If you are struggling against teams that use defensive rotations exclusively, the pass fake and to a lesser extent the shot fake are essential skills to teach your players.

Remember, the reason why this works is because these rotational defenses are designed to jump to the ball while in the air. If the other team doesn't bite on the ball-fake, they aren't running the defensive rotation properly and a simple quick ball reversal will beat it.

A great drill to run would be actually a defensive drill, the shell drill. You can use a 4-on-4 shell and emphasize the ball-fake against a defense that is trapping and rotating.

There is a pretty good new video, Paul Hewitt's DVD on Individual Player Instruction. In it, coach Hewitt talks especially about the ball reversal, middle and baseline drives. Coach Hewitt of course is the popular head coach of Georgia Tech where he runs a very sound 4-out 1-in motion offense. As usual, check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum for notes and downloads.