I've admired Hubie Brown for many years now. I try to catch any TNT game which he is broadcasting because in my opinion, he is one of the smartest basketball minds of all time. The year he won the NBA's coach of the year in 2004 (his second honor btw) with the Memphis Grizzlies, guiding them to 50 wins, was a monumental achievement. I know, because I watched painfully in Vancouver the Grizzlies become the fastest team to lose 1000 games in NBA history and have the worst winning percentage in all four major professional sports team history. Here is some great wisdom from coach Brown about developing a winning philosophy in basketball,

Winning Philosophy

- Can you get high percentage shots for your two best shooters?
- Who do you go to for the last shot?
- Must have one closers---
    - Can they make the shot if open?
    - Can they create out of a trap with a pass or by use of the dribble?
    - Can they create off the dribble and get fouled?
    - Can they make the foul shot?
    - Can they handle defeat?

- Did you choose the right person to close?
- Always change your defense on the last play of the game...element of surprise. Make them face something new.
- Change defenses. Prepare for the 6 best league opponents from day 1.
- You must get more shots when you lack offensive talent. How do you get more shots?
    - Steal the ball
    - Block shots
    - Hold you to one shot
    - Get to the offensive boards
    - Get to the offensive boards

I especially like the part above where coach Brown asks, can they handle defeat? I feel that before you learn to win, you need to learn to lose. To be able to learn from one's mistakes, move on, and become a better player/coach/person after losing. After all, losing happens in real life just as it does on the court. As teachers, it is our obligation to teach these life lessons and help them understand how the world works.

There is a wonderful 2-pack DVD from Coach Hubie Brown that has Volumes I and II from his Secrets of Winning Basketball series. Definitely worth checking out. I have a few Hubie Brown notes so be sure to check them out at the X's and O's Basketball forum.