One of the key components of being a good fast-break team is not only being able to score off of the numbers advantage but being able to make a quick strike 5-on-5 when the defense is most vulnerable and hasn't been fully set yet. This is especially the case when you play against teams that use a packline defense or a 2-3 zone. Here, the Cal Bears use a sideline break and their two forwards to get a score off of their secondary break against Alaska's 2-3 zone and would win easily. The athletic duo of Ryan Anderson and DeVon Hardin will be one to watch this coming college basketball season because they can get out and score quickly. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below (apologize in advance for the blurry video).


This is off a made basket, so DeVon Hardin rips the ball out of the hoop and quickly inbounds to his point guard.

Nothing special here, it's a sideline break. Your shooters, O3 and O2 are out wide looking for the open 3-pointer. Notice how Ryan Anderson (O4) is the first person leading the break.

Secondary Break:

You'll notice the defense is playing a 2-3 zone here. The opponent, Alaska, does a good job of getting back and negating any numbers advantage. Still, a good fast-break team will look for a quick strike.

The PG hits the trailer, O5 or DeVon Hardin. O4 does a wonderful job of posting up right away once he gets into the paint and calls for the ball. O5 makes the post-entry from the top of the key. Then it's all Ryan Anderson from there.


Much like Roy Williams and UNC who teaches his forwards to run key to key, the Cal Bears do a great job of getting quick scores before the defense is completely set. Just because the defense has 5 back, doesn't mean you can't attack them early. Push the ball, look for the quick score, if it isn't there, then run you half-court offense.

Coach Roy Williams has a great DVD on his Secrets of the UNC secondary Break. As always, please check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to see what notes are available to download.