A behind the scenes look at Dino Gaudio as he prepares for his first year as head coach of Wake Forest following the unfortunate passing of Skip Prosser. Some really good motivational stuff, talking to your players, setting expectations, and all that good stuff. Watch it and as usual, read my thoughts below,

Not much else to say, obviously coach Gaudio is an intense guy. He takes things extremely seriously and is a perfectionist. I like the fact that he doesn't have to yell at you to command his respect, but he demands a lot from his players and is upset when they don't give it their all. Yet, he still is able to give praise and let players know when they did good in a way that is subtle but understood.

Some guys respond to yelling and being in your face, other guys don't. Coaching is as much about reading your players, getting in their heads, and the rest of that psycho-babble stuff as it is X's and O's. I think the player nowadays can't always be broken down, like the old days. I'm not sure military style works with today's kids. They know too much now, they are too many options for them.

Since this post is about Wake Forest basketball, it's only fitting to recommend a DVD from the late Skip Prosser. This is an old one, but a good one, it's Skip Prosser's DVD on competitive rebounding drills. Be sure to check out all the free notes available at the X's and O's Basketball Forum or to discuss your favorite basketball topics.