I've been listening and watching a lot of Jim Rome lately, because it's college basketball season and Jim has a good interview with a coach or player every single day. On Jim Rome is burning yesterday, Jim interviewed Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan. Here is the segment,

I really enjoyed Coach Ryan's comments about developing players. One thing that I constantly ask myself of is, are we improving? Have we improved from the beginning of the season? Have we improved after today's practice? If the answer is no, then I don't think I've done my job as a coach.

Enjoy the teaching. Coaching is teaching. As a coach, I enjoy the mentoring part. I like to think that I'm making an impact on my player's lives. That they're learning about something that's going to make them better people.

A lot of times, coaches are judged too much on their Win/Loss record, or how many Championships they've won. I've always felt, a better evaluation of success was what former players said about you as a coach. I respect my players and their opinions and their opinion of me as a coach means a lot to me, certainly more than a reporter, fan, or even other coaches.

I'd trade the feeling of hearing a player say he thought I was a great coach and that I treated him/her fairly than any Championship or win. The reverse is also true. If I hear that a player said I treated them unfairly, I take that hard, harder than the worst loss. If I have any regrets from coaching, it's the times where your players say you treated them unfairly. You think about what you could've done differently in that situation.

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