Tagging with CREZ Software

Save hours per game by instantly tagging events captured by the scorer's table with video captured up in the stands. This alone saves coaches hours of time per game.

Then, when viewing post-game, add custom play calls to break down the video strategically. Quickly search, review, and extract clips over multiple games.

Take a look at CREZ Basketball for more information.

There is no other product available that integrates video, play diagramming, scoring, advanced statistics, and scouting all on one integrated system. The CREZ product line is dedicated to the game of basketball, check it out:

CREZ Has Multiple Methods for Scoring and Capturing Statistics
* Use CREZ to score and capture statistics using a digital pen, mouse, or keyboard - your choice!
* Seamlessly switch from one method to another without any loss of data or time

CREZ Does Video Efficiently
* Captured game statistics are instantly tagged to game video, saving you hours of time
* Save time tagging post-game video - spend more time analyzing and developing players!
* Capture streamed tagged video live for use during practices or at any point in the game
* Search video quickly over multiple games by any criteria: player, event, play call, time, ...

CREZ Has Extensive Statistics
* Box scores AND shot charts for players, play calls, shot types, and 5-player line-ups
* Defensive statistics in addition to (How many offensive rebounds does a 5-player line-up give up?)
* Simultaneous viewing of opposition statistics
* Multi-game and multi-season statistics
* No other system has such extensive statistics and no other system makes viewing statistics so easy!

CREZplaymaker Does Play Diagramming and links to Scouting
* Sketch plays using a digital pen or mouse on the computer screen, just like using pen and paper!
* Create, share and archive any number of plays over any number of seasons by coach
* Create your own templates and use over and over, just like photocopying
* Cut and paste plays into other programs like Word and Powerpoint
* Tag plays for inclusion in scouting reports

CREZ Provides Team and Player Promotional Tools
* Create video highlight reels faster for team/player for promotion of players to the next level
* Create scouting reports to pass on to other members of your coaching staff or use for game preparation
* Webcast games and broadcast statistics on the Internet, to your fan base, alumni, boosters and media
* Print or mount to your own website game statistics

CREZ Is An Affordable High Performance System
* High school coaches use the same high quality system as the pros
* Specialized packaging for conferences, leagues and associations

Here are some testimonials of the CREZ solution,

"I think you have a great product; a product that most coaches would love to adopt."
Steve Donahue, Men's Varsity Head Coach - Cornell University

"CREZ is a tremendous basketball software program. It has become part of our coaches' everyday life here at West Virginia"
Don Johnson, Director of Operations - West Virginia Women's Basketball

“I have used many different statistical and video software packages over the course of my 12 years in coaching, and CREZ is by far the most effective. It eliminates the wasted time for a coach having to cut up a video to show players or staff by making it instantaneously available in any format I need. The CREZ software has enabled a small coaching staff to do the things a large staff would be capable off with little effort. It has already made a difference in our preparation and in our play.”
Bryan Townley, Head Basketball Coach - John Paul II High School

Don't get lost in the pile of information gathering through your season, get the CREZ software solution today.