I went through some notes recently from a Ganon Baker basketball clinic. I've also watched several of his videos and he does a fantastic job in breaking down those individual skills, especially because he can demonstrate them himself so accurately and enthusiastically. You can just see that coach Baker is a guy that truly loves the game for what it is and wants to share what he knows with anyone and everyone.

Here are his 10 Commandments to Offensive Development:

1. Play the game low-to-high.- “Live Low”
2. Shoulders/Hips – “Get the explosion advantage.”
3. Feet first, ball second – “Feet give you advantage, ball gives you separation.
Long, low steps.”
4. Perfect Feet, Perfect Follow-through – “Quality of your feet determines the
quality of your shot.”
5. Pound Dribble – “Quicker ball makes you quicker.”
6. Shoulders Game – “Your shoulders will determine whether you get leverage
advantage and/or explosion advantage.
7. WNBA/NBA Ball – “Short, Violent Fakes.”
8. Universal Stance
- Hips Dropped
- Feet Shoulder Width Apart
- Steel Rod in Back
9. Universal Release
- Elbow behind ball
- Wrist back behind ball
- Arm and wrist with locked elbow extended through ball on finish
10. Court Savvy – Court Vision
- Play with poise and balance and see the game a play ahead

I love the point about pounding the dribble. As a shifty crafty guard, I used to prey on guys who used lazy bounces. Especially if they were taller. I would time exactly when the ball left their hand, then I'd tap the ball loose, like taking candy from a baby. Instead, your players should learn to pound the dribble, with the elbow locked pounding the ball straight into the ground.

For a great individual development and conditioning drills, take a look at Ganon Baker's DVD on his Superman Workout. If you've never seen it, it is insane. The energy that coach Baker has is amazing, if my players had a quarter of his energy we'd be state champs twice over. Discuss this and the rest of your favorite basketball topics at the X's and O's Basketball Forum.