Fresh off the news of his new $111 million contract with the Washington Wizards, I thought I would share this short clip with Gilbert Arenas playing keepaway with a bunch of high school kids. I've run a drill like this in the past but we used 2 defenders trying to get the ball away from 1 dribbler. Take a look,

Dribbling is one of the skills that I see that is practiced a lot but not done particularly well. I see a lot of guys using their wrist instead of extending the arm all the way down and pounding the ball. Or they palm the ball. Point is, I think the AND1 stuff is great and all, but there are some bad habits the kids are picking up.

Anyways, if you're looking for more ball-handling help, you can't go wrong with Ganon Baker's 3-pack DVD on Ball Handling all for just $109.99. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and as always, please check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to talk hoops and exchange notes and ideas.