Ben Howland Defensive Tips

I was watching UCLA the other night and I am always impressed that no matter what players he gets year after year in the revolving door, he is able to get his players to play his style of defense. Very aggressive half-court M2M, in your face type of defense. I went through some old notes I had and found these great tips from a Ben Howland Clinic. Enjoy...

1. You have to be a great defense team to win championships
2. Do not allow transition baskets. Get the ball to the sideline, get it out of the middle of the floor.
3. No penetration off the dribble.
4. Knowing personnel and tendencies. He likes 2 days of preparation.
5. Always trail a shooter.
6. Big on big to double the post only against good post players. Get good at what you are doing, keep working on it, and keep improving.
7. Contest every single shot. Even, if they are late. Contest the shot to the level of the ball.
8. Blockout and all 5 rebound - PG led the team in defensive rebounding.
9. Take the charge. Cover up and take the hit.

Coach Howland doesn't do instructional videos. But if you're also impressed by UCLA's defense, take a look at one from his one time assistant and current head coach of Pittsburgh, check out Jamie Dixon's DVD on his 10 Point Shell Drill. Don't forget to check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to talk hoops with other coaches. I have the UCLA game recorded so I'll probably break down some of their man defense from it.