I wrote earlier last week about how I didn't think the Knicks should be running the D'Antoni 7 seconds or less offense, because I didn't think they had the cerebral players that could make could quick decisions (at least the right ones). I still think that today. I watched Mike D'Antoni on the Charlie Rose show yesterday and he readily acknowledged that the player personnel right now isn't right and won't be for quite some time, patience is required. But at the same time he realizes that it's a fishbowl in NYC, and there will be pressure to win right away. He talks about his 4-year contract as 1-year as head coach, 3 years on vacation. Anyways, I thought I would share it with y'all in case you missed it,

One major advantage from being in NYC is the advantage of the city itself. If all the talk is true of Lebron wanting to leave Ohio for the Big Apple, he could be the perfect fit for D'Antoni's 7 seconds or less offense. We'll have to see...

I also enjoyed listening to D'Antoni talk about leadership and Coach K at the Olympics. Because, that's what coaches basically are, they're leaders - they guide, shape, mold a bunch of disparate players into a singular unit with the ultimate goal of winning.