I was looking for a rebounding drill the other day and came across this one from a drill notebook of the Texas A&M women's team. I like it because it involves players moving and cutting instead of your generic box rebounding drill when players are mostly static. Here it goes:

Triangle Rebounding

This drill starts with three offensive players -- two players on both blocks and the other opposite elbow extended from the coach. All three players have a defensive player on them. Every time the coach dribbles the ball the offensive players rotate in a triangle. The defense has to work on not letting the cutters cut their face and staying in correct position whether in denial or help side. After a few rotations, the coach will then shoot the ball and the defense has to make contact, block out, and secure the rebound. The offense must go hard to rebound it.

Anyways, for more rebounding drills to use in your practices, take a look at Kermit Davis' DVD on Competitive Rebounding Drills. Coach Davis is the head coach at Middle Tennessee State University.