Wasn't able to catch all those great games yesterday, I stayed with CBS most of the day, so I went through the Florida vs South Carolina game earlier today on tape. What a thrilling finish, USC goes coast to coast to go up by 2, only to have Florida come back coast to coast to drain a game winning 3-pointer.

It was one of those plays where you can't find fault really, just 2 teams which played their hearts out, executed as best they could, and the team with the last shot was the one that came out on top.

If there was one thing I would like to point out, is just the spacing of Florida's break. Parsons, 25, goes wide and knows exactly where to spot up for the 3-pointer. Tyus dribbles wide to get into a better driving angle, then as the defense stays at home to defend against the dribble drive, Tyus drops off the ball to Parsons for the open 3-pointer, which he hits.

And if you're wondering why Florida didn't call timeout after USC hit their 2-pointer for the 1-point lead, it was because Florida was out of timeouts at that point.

For more ideas on incorporating the 3-pointer into your offense, check out Billy Donovan's DVD on Shooting and Defending the 3-pointer. Billy Donovan is the head coach of the University of Florida.